My First Children's Book is "The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn"

My First Childrens Book is the Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn
I have some interesting news for everyone. I have come full circle, in the most interesting of ways. Back in 1983 during my senior year of high school, my English teacher Miss Engel, told me I had an amazing talent for writing. She told me I must pursue my talent because it was unlike any she had seen. I could literally write stories, poems, and even nursery rhymes, in hours without any effort. She said it in front of the whole class, so proud of one of her students. She was unaware I guess how harsh kids can be, and got a pretty good teasing about it.

Needless to say, I decided to look for a more challenging way to make a living instead of using this incredible talent I was given. Fast forward many years of starting new businesses from scratch and getting knocked down a few times, and I decide to see if I can still write. I immediately took on clients who paid me pretty good to write for them. All those articles, rhyming picture books, and poems, were sold, my blood and sweat sold for money to pay bills. I decided to see if I could make a go at writing rhyming books for children and publishing on my own.

My journey begins with my first children's book, "The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn", and it felt like I was 17 again. Every sentence rhymes, and all the cute animals illustrations I put together match the story. It was like something was guiding me the whole way. So 30 years later, I have decided to listen to my English teacher and show the world how to write children's books with PASSION! I have about 50 children's books ready to take over the world, but I need to start at the bottom. Yes, my pen name is Tim Zak to my little audience. Short and sweet, easy for a 4 year-old to remember and tell Mommy they want more books from Tim Zak!!!! Join me on my exciting journey as I become a best selling author! Thank you one and all!

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