My New Rhyming Picture Book for Kids is "The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard"

My New Rhyming Picture Book for Kids is The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard
Once the ball got rolling, I was able to start bringing my rhyming kids books to life more easily. For what seemed like an eternity, I would delay bringing these children's books online because I thought the marketing and formatting of the books was too difficult. Now that I knocked four preschool rhyming books, I can finally see me getting some traction.

When I came up with the idea for Lizzy in "The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard", it was based on a small little lizard my daughter Amber won at the carnival games in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We never thought Lizzy was going to live very long, but my daughter took extra special care with her. Three years later, that little lizard was still eating crickets and playing in my office while I worked at night. It was her destiny I guess to become a cute baby animals character for my latest kids books online.

The story of Lizzy the lizard is about persistence and determination. Little Amber was not going to let anyone tell her a lizard she won at the boardwalk would not live long, so Lizzy was not going to let her friends stop her from finding snow even though she lived in Florida. Lizzy teaches children that no matter what your friends may say, if you believe in something strong enough, you will find a way to make it happen. Lizzy made her way to New Jersey but found more snow than she anticipated.

Children will love how this little lizard makes the impossible possible! This is the perfect picture book for children who have trouble with their confidence, as Lizzy will show them you can make anything a reality if you believe in yourself.