One of My Best Rhyming Picture Books is "The Chick Who Could Not Kick"

One of My Best Rhyming Picture Books is The Chick Who Could Not Kick
I have been wanting to tell the story of Chuck the chick in my latest children's picture book for many years. Little Chuck and me have a lot in common actually. When you are told that you are too little to play sports, funny to take work serious, or too lazy to excel, you get a fire burning inside that can not be extinguished. Too many little kids today get easily discouraged when friends, family, or teachers, tell them that they can not do something. With Chuck the little chick, he is going to show those kids out there that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

In one of my favorite rhyming books for children, I came up with the idea of a tiny little chick name Chuck who loved kicking that giant soccer ball. The problem he had was that he was just too tiny to be able to give that ball a kick like the bigger chicks. When my children's books online reached a global audience, I received a message from a mother who had read the book to her son and wanted to tell me about what had happened. Her son was too little to play ball, and he was told by many that he should try something easier. When she read her son my book, "The Chick Who Could Not Kick", he told her that he was not going to give up on playing ball. He would run after foul balls, run to give players their equipment, and one day the coach saw his potential. He would be the designated runner. My little kids book online gave a child hope when he didn't have it from those around him. She told me that he loves being involved in sports any way possible, and thanked me for my story about Chuck.

Just like all the other kids books I write, the message is about being positive, having hope, being kind, and trusting in yourself. I know the kids that are listening to my books being read by their parents or grandparents are very impressionable, and my ultimate dream is that these kids that will some day take over this world will not let that fire inside them be put out by anyone. The dreamers of today will create our tomorrow, and my hopes are that my books for toddlers plant seeds inside them that will allow them to grow strong like the mighty oak and accomplish more than they even thought possible.