Fun Rhyming Picture Book for Children called "The Pig Who Loved to Dig"

Fun Rhyming Picture Book for Children called The Pig Who Loved to Dig
So when I came up with the idea for my 9th children's picture book, "The Pig Who Loved to Dig", I drew my inspiration from a guy I used to work with who would march to the beat of his own drum. He would always do things his way, and we all thought he would never last with the company. It was his persistence and his determination to do things his way that revealed a special set of skills that eventually made him a real asset to the company. So I decided that when I came up with Pete the pig, he was going to be a fun-loving cute baby animal that believed in himself no matter what was going on around him. When it comes to rhyming picture books, I realized the kids need to connect with the main character on a personal level, rooting for them to succeed, and possibly sparking something inside them that brings out a hidden talent they have too.

I realize when I write these children's books that little kids instantly connect with the illustrations, and want that happy ending every time. When it comes to writing children's books in my office, I don't know if the children will connect with the drawings, the story, or just want a happy-ending, so it is my responsibility to exceed even their little expectations and give them something they can feel good about. Think about it for a second, isn't it all about just feeling good inside anyway? When you choose children's books online, you want the story to excite your child, make them laugh, and leave them feeling happier than when you started the book. I have received so many positive messages in recent weeks about how those little ones are drawing pictures of these main characters, and some are making mommy and daddy ready them the book over and over again, like 400 times. Sorry about that to all those moms and dads out there who have little ones who keep asking each night to read my books to them over and over again.!

That brings me to the story of Pete the pig who just loves to dig. Now with this classic kids book I took a different route. Pete has a special skill that actually was not something that was getting him in good favor with the farmer. In fact, he was almost kicked off the farm because his particular set of skills was making life difficult for those around him. It wasn't until something happened on the farm that the farmer recognized that Pete had an exceptional skill and things changed for the better for Pete. It seems like my preschool rhyming books have really taken on a life of their own, as I get messages about perhaps continuing the journey with certain baby animals. For now, I have enough ideas on my desk to continue writing children's books for another couple years.

One of My Best Rhyming Picture Books is "The Chick Who Could Not Kick"

One of My Best Rhyming Picture Books is The Chick Who Could Not Kick
I have been wanting to tell the story of Chuck the chick in my latest children's picture book for many years. Little Chuck and me have a lot in common actually. When you are told that you are too little to play sports, funny to take work serious, or too lazy to excel, you get a fire burning inside that can not be extinguished. Too many little kids today get easily discouraged when friends, family, or teachers, tell them that they can not do something. With Chuck the little chick, he is going to show those kids out there that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

In one of my favorite rhyming books for children, I came up with the idea of a tiny little chick name Chuck who loved kicking that giant soccer ball. The problem he had was that he was just too tiny to be able to give that ball a kick like the bigger chicks. When my children's books online reached a global audience, I received a message from a mother who had read the book to her son and wanted to tell me about what had happened. Her son was too little to play ball, and he was told by many that he should try something easier. When she read her son my book, "The Chick Who Could Not Kick", he told her that he was not going to give up on playing ball. He would run after foul balls, run to give players their equipment, and one day the coach saw his potential. He would be the designated runner. My little kids book online gave a child hope when he didn't have it from those around him. She told me that he loves being involved in sports any way possible, and thanked me for my story about Chuck.

Just like all the other kids books I write, the message is about being positive, having hope, being kind, and trusting in yourself. I know the kids that are listening to my books being read by their parents or grandparents are very impressionable, and my ultimate dream is that these kids that will some day take over this world will not let that fire inside them be put out by anyone. The dreamers of today will create our tomorrow, and my hopes are that my books for toddlers plant seeds inside them that will allow them to grow strong like the mighty oak and accomplish more than they even thought possible.

My New Children's Picture Book is "The Bunny Who Found Some Money"

My New Childrens Picture Book is The Bunny Who Found Some Money
If you would have asked me a few back if I would have published my 7th nursery rhymes for children by now, I might have thought it would certainly be a challenge. Luckily I stopped believing all those lies I kept telling myself that publishing kids books online was very difficult. When I wrote The Bunny Who Found Some Money, it hit me that when you are doing what you love, you never ave to work another day for the rest of your life. I feel like I have finally found my calling, and I am going to continue to write these fun little rhyming picture books for many years to come.

Looking back to when I released "The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn" and "The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar", those were some really challenging times. When you begin any journey, the unknown can really stop any progress you made and cause you to fall back on old comfortable routines. It wasn't until I pushed myself through that barrier and received an e-mail from a customer that really changed the way that I felt about pushing through. The letter read in part, "I read this story with my daughter before we go to sleep last night and she really loves the illustrations presented in this book, she really likes the story about Trixie, I couldn't get rid of laughing when she said that she wants to draw a picture of Trixie before she go to sleep." It got me thinking that the audience I am really trying to connect with are actually getting the message and connecting to the characters in these nursery rhymes for children. It was at that moment that I realized that I had a real responsibility to these little kids, and that I was going to push hard and develop fun baby animals they could all relate to.

When I came up with the idea for Blossom the bunny in "The Bunny Who Found Some Money", I wanted to develop a cute baby animal that would face a very troubling decision, and into the mix she had her friends putting added pressure on her to do what they thought was best. In this classic children's book, I decided that Blossom was going to find a large bag of money, and introduce a problem that kids of all ages are faced with. When you have a choice in front of you to do what is right or to do what feels good, which way do you go? Blossom has to listen to all her friends give her advice on where the money should be spent, when deep inside she knew all along what was the right thing to do. The right decision can often be the hardest, but it also comes with great reward!

Introducing my New Children's Book About "The Flamingo Who Loved Playing BINGO"

Introducing my New Childrens Book About The Flamingo Who Loved Playing BINGO
Hard to believe that we are already talking about my 6th rhyming books for children already! When I decided to take this writing journey I was afraid at first about all the hurdles that would be ahead of me. I have to tell you that once you have those kids books online, everything changes. It isn't about the struggles of getting the books out there anymore, it is about trying to slow down all these ideas in my head and trying to get them illustrated. My commitment is always going to be from here out to create the best rhyming picture books for kids of all ages.

When I started to develop the idea for this book, "The Flamingo Who Loved Playing BINGO", I knew what the concept was going to be about from the beginning. The trouble I had was relating this issue to little kids. It wasn't until I saw how kids in kindergarten today are better on mobile devices than many of us adults that the idea was born. For this nursery rhymes for children book, I wanted to memorialize the passing of my favorite Uncle Frank, so the little flamingo was called Frank as a way to keep the memory of my uncle alive in my books. Living here in Florida, the flamingo is a staple of every zoo. So the idea was in place, now I had to tell the story of Frank and his love for playing BINGO online.

I don't think many children today realize how they are separating themselves at an early age from enjoying being a kid because too many parents are either addicted to their mobile devices and the kids follow, or they have found an electronic babysitter for cheap. The story of Frank the flamingo is about a cute little bird who is completely obsessed with playing games on his phone. What I wanted the kids to see in this children's picture book was how destructive it can be to always be on those mobile devices. The connection with friends is lost, the connection with family is lost, and it will have a negative impact on school if the issue gets too far. I understand many kids are extremely responsible when it comes to mobile devices, but I also understand gambling addictions is one of those hidden diseases that gets far too less attention these days. My hopes is that the kids of today do not fall victim to compulsive behaviors that can easily start with online gaming.

Frank has to learn the hard way what can happen if you play too many video games and don't listen to when your parents tell you it is time to take a break. Hopefully little ones will see the struggles Frank has in this rhyming kids book and how he has to turn things around or he could be in for a very challenging school year.

My New Rhyming Picture Book for Kids is "The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard"

My New Rhyming Picture Book for Kids is The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard
Once the ball got rolling, I was able to start bringing my rhyming kids books to life more easily. For what seemed like an eternity, I would delay bringing these children's books online because I thought the marketing and formatting of the books was too difficult. Now that I knocked four preschool rhyming books, I can finally see me getting some traction.

When I came up with the idea for Lizzy in "The Lizard Stuck in a Blizzard", it was based on a small little lizard my daughter Amber won at the carnival games in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We never thought Lizzy was going to live very long, but my daughter took extra special care with her. Three years later, that little lizard was still eating crickets and playing in my office while I worked at night. It was her destiny I guess to become a cute baby animals character for my latest kids books online.

The story of Lizzy the lizard is about persistence and determination. Little Amber was not going to let anyone tell her a lizard she won at the boardwalk would not live long, so Lizzy was not going to let her friends stop her from finding snow even though she lived in Florida. Lizzy teaches children that no matter what your friends may say, if you believe in something strong enough, you will find a way to make it happen. Lizzy made her way to New Jersey but found more snow than she anticipated.

Children will love how this little lizard makes the impossible possible! This is the perfect picture book for children who have trouble with their confidence, as Lizzy will show them you can make anything a reality if you believe in yourself.

My Latest Kids Bedtime Story "The Whale That Broke the Scale"

My Latest Kids Bedtime Story The Whale That Broke the Scale
Looking back to my first kids book, The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn, I wonder why it took me so long to really get this ball rolling. Now that my 4th children's picture book is available for purchase, I wanted to talk about two thinks in this blog post. First I wanted to talk about the idea behind The Whale That Broke the Scale and secondly something for all those would-be authors out there.

The idea for Wendy the whale came about when my daughter was telling me about how some kids in school pick on others for a number of reasons. She has always been raised to be compassionate to others, and to never judge someone on the outside because you never know what is going on inside. I wasn't concerned about putting out popular children's books, I wanted the message to reach those children who will eventually take over the world. Wendy the whale was ridiculed because of her weight, something many kids struggle with in school. My hope when I develop rhyming children's books is these young minds see how hurtful words can be and learn to care for one another as equals as we all spin around on this planet each day.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was something that may kick start the efforts of other authors struggling to get their words to print. Looking back at the children's books I have written, I have to admit the first one was the hardest. I beat myself up daily because it was talking too long, wasn't perfect, needed work, and each day my excuses delayed the inevitable. If you were born to be a classic children's books writer, then just go for it. We all make mistakes, and I can tell you that once you get over that first hurdle, these rhyming picture books seem to take on a life of their own. Although I started my campaign trying to work on the best books for toddlers age 2-3, I am expanding my reach for all little kids because the positive message has a universal appeal.

If one of my books can help one child to unleash their own unique imagination, then I really am a success! Regardless what you want to write about, get your first one out there and the magic will follow. If you are finally going to launch a book of any kind, comment here on my website and I will try to help get you some exposure!

Here is My Fun Rhyming Children's Book "The Pony That Hates Macaroni"

Here is My Fun Rhyming Childrens Book The Pony That Hates Macaroni
Now that I have released my first two children's picture books, The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn and The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar, it was time to introduce the world to Peyton the pony in my third kids book. This adorable little pony was inspired by little daughter Amber who developed the habit quite early of hating certain foods without ever having even tried them.

So after Amber gave me the idea for the name Peyton for this cute little pony, it was time to tell the world about how she hated macaroni. My inspiration for creating Peyton was effortless, as I remember Amber hating foods like tomatoes, peanut butter, and even olives based on how they looked. When it comes to nursery rhymes for children, I simply recalled how frustrating it was to even get my daughter to try these foods and the words began to easily flow into a fun story about this tiny pony who hated macaroni.

One of the things that I try to do with all my rhyming books for children is create a story that is fun to follow along with words and colorful illustrations. By the time the children are invested into the story, they have no idea they are about to learn a life lesson that can help them to find their way through the challenges of being toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school kids. I tell my stories about baby animals in gentle way that allows the kids to connect on a deep level with these characters and allows them to want to learn more about them. When I released "The Pony That Hates Macaroni", it brought me back to those days little Amber hated certain foods, and how she realized that unless she tried something she actually my love these new foods.

Thank you to all my fans, customers, and followers who give me feedback on how their little ones are touched by one of my books. Feel free to leave a comment here and share you message with others who frequent my website.

My Second Kids Books is "The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar"

My Second Kids Books is The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar
Now that I have gotten my first children's books online, The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn, it was time to bring Dylan the dinosaur to the world. In my second classic kids book, your children will love the story of how Dylan the dinosaur lost his roar. Dylan awakes one morning to discover that he no longer has his roar and goes on a journey deep into the woods to find it.

How did Dylan lose his roar? This nursery rhymes for children combines colorful illustrations of cute baby animals with easy to understand words to create a fun and adventurous story. During the journey of Dylan the dinosaur, you will see some of his friends and one mean T-Rex that seems to be around every corner when Dylan is on the hunt for his roar. I try to make these rhyming picture books fun for kids to follow along with, while throwing out a life lesson that kids at these young ages can learn from.

With Dylan and all the other baby animals I write my preschool rhyming books about, the message is about friendship, kindness, understanding, patience, fun, and especially family. Dylan will need the help of his sister to help him find his roar, and that big bad T-Rex might not be as bad as everyone assumes he may be. From time to time I offer my free kids books so that you have the opportunity to take your children on a fun journey together with absolutely no risk. I know once you grab one of my popular children's books that you will return to buy others. In the coming weeks I have some other fun adventures with pigs, cats, ducks, and even a silly worm!

If you do enjoy my books, please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can personally respond to your message. I love interacting with my fans and hope you enjoy my many new preschool rhyming books on the way.

My First Children's Book is "The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn"

My First Childrens Book is the Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn
I have some interesting news for everyone. I have come full circle, in the most interesting of ways. Back in 1983 during my senior year of high school, my English teacher Miss Engel, told me I had an amazing talent for writing. She told me I must pursue my talent because it was unlike any she had seen. I could literally write stories, poems, and even nursery rhymes, in hours without any effort. She said it in front of the whole class, so proud of one of her students. She was unaware I guess how harsh kids can be, and got a pretty good teasing about it.

Needless to say, I decided to look for a more challenging way to make a living instead of using this incredible talent I was given. Fast forward many years of starting new businesses from scratch and getting knocked down a few times, and I decide to see if I can still write. I immediately took on clients who paid me pretty good to write for them. All those articles, rhyming picture books, and poems, were sold, my blood and sweat sold for money to pay bills. I decided to see if I could make a go at writing rhyming books for children and publishing on my own.

My journey begins with my first children's book, "The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn", and it felt like I was 17 again. Every sentence rhymes, and all the cute animals illustrations I put together match the story. It was like something was guiding me the whole way. So 30 years later, I have decided to listen to my English teacher and show the world how to write children's books with PASSION! I have about 50 children's books ready to take over the world, but I need to start at the bottom. Yes, my pen name is Tim Zak to my little audience. Short and sweet, easy for a 4 year-old to remember and tell Mommy they want more books from Tim Zak!!!! Join me on my exciting journey as I become a best selling author! Thank you one and all!

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