Here is My Fun Rhyming Children's Book "The Pony That Hates Macaroni"

Here is My Fun Rhyming Childrens Book The Pony That Hates Macaroni
Now that I have released my first two children's picture books, The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn and The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar, it was time to introduce the world to Peyton the pony in my third kids book. This adorable little pony was inspired by little daughter Amber who developed the habit quite early of hating certain foods without ever having even tried them.

So after Amber gave me the idea for the name Peyton for this cute little pony, it was time to tell the world about how she hated macaroni. My inspiration for creating Peyton was effortless, as I remember Amber hating foods like tomatoes, peanut butter, and even olives based on how they looked. When it comes to nursery rhymes for children, I simply recalled how frustrating it was to even get my daughter to try these foods and the words began to easily flow into a fun story about this tiny pony who hated macaroni.

One of the things that I try to do with all my rhyming books for children is create a story that is fun to follow along with words and colorful illustrations. By the time the children are invested into the story, they have no idea they are about to learn a life lesson that can help them to find their way through the challenges of being toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school kids. I tell my stories about baby animals in gentle way that allows the kids to connect on a deep level with these characters and allows them to want to learn more about them. When I released "The Pony That Hates Macaroni", it brought me back to those days little Amber hated certain foods, and how she realized that unless she tried something she actually my love these new foods.

Thank you to all my fans, customers, and followers who give me feedback on how their little ones are touched by one of my books. Feel free to leave a comment here and share you message with others who frequent my website.

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