My Second Kids Books is "The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar"

My Second Kids Books is The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar
Now that I have gotten my first children's books online, The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn, it was time to bring Dylan the dinosaur to the world. In my second classic kids book, your children will love the story of how Dylan the dinosaur lost his roar. Dylan awakes one morning to discover that he no longer has his roar and goes on a journey deep into the woods to find it.

How did Dylan lose his roar? This nursery rhymes for children combines colorful illustrations of cute baby animals with easy to understand words to create a fun and adventurous story. During the journey of Dylan the dinosaur, you will see some of his friends and one mean T-Rex that seems to be around every corner when Dylan is on the hunt for his roar. I try to make these rhyming picture books fun for kids to follow along with, while throwing out a life lesson that kids at these young ages can learn from.

With Dylan and all the other baby animals I write my preschool rhyming books about, the message is about friendship, kindness, understanding, patience, fun, and especially family. Dylan will need the help of his sister to help him find his roar, and that big bad T-Rex might not be as bad as everyone assumes he may be. From time to time I offer my free kids books so that you have the opportunity to take your children on a fun journey together with absolutely no risk. I know once you grab one of my popular children's books that you will return to buy others. In the coming weeks I have some other fun adventures with pigs, cats, ducks, and even a silly worm!

If you do enjoy my books, please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can personally respond to your message. I love interacting with my fans and hope you enjoy my many new preschool rhyming books on the way.

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