My Latest Kids Bedtime Story is "The Spider Who Became a Writer"

My Latest Kids Bedtime Story is The Spider Who Became a Writer
When I finally released my 10th preschool rhyming book, "The Spider Who Became a Writer", the rhyming story of Sally the Spider who became a writer, I have to admit I drew inspiration from within. Actually, the inspiration was pulled from my experience about being a writer who knew that some day my real talents would be recognized. Despite being told by my high school teacher that I had an incredible talent to tell stories, I needed to learn the hard way. My goal here with this latest children's picture book is to give little kids the inspiration to follow their dreams when they have a talent, no matter how challenging that road may seem at the onset. The story of Sally shows children that when you do have a special talent, keep at it because some day the world will recognize what you knew all along.

The theme for this nursery rhyme for children is similar to that in my story of Chuck the chick who could not kick, when you have a talent, you need to let it shine. Many times I get asked by parents would I go back to my high school days and start writing at age 17 instead of starting at 47? My answer is always the same! I never regret talking the path I chose and I would never want to do it all over again and start when I was a teenager. The reason is two-fold, and I think it has resulted in me writing better kids books online. First, all the experiences I have had in my years has inspired me to come up with some very unique story-lines for my kids books. Secondly, and more importantly, it was the birth of my daughter Amber that really inspired me to push forward because I wanted to leave something behind when I am gone for her to remember me by, and I get so much of my creative ideas from her. Amber helps with the illustrations, she helps with the animal names, and she helps me with how the story plays out. That bond me and her share with my stories is something I wish every father could experience with their daughters, and I would never want it any other way.

That brings us to the story of Sally the spider, and how she always knew from a young age she was destined to be a writer. Sally was told by the farmer many times that she has to stop daydreaming and she needs to start carrying her weight like all the other animals on the farm. The job of a spider is to catch the bugs that are making life difficult for horses, cows, and other animals in the barn. Sally knew she had a job, but that desire to write, was burning inside her and it literally created her eventual destiny. Grab your little one close and read them this fun, cute, rhyming bedtime story about the spider who became a writer!