My New Children's Picture Book is "The Bunny Who Found Some Money"

My New Childrens Picture Book is The Bunny Who Found Some Money
If you would have asked me a few back if I would have published my 7th nursery rhymes for children by now, I might have thought it would certainly be a challenge. Luckily I stopped believing all those lies I kept telling myself that publishing kids books online was very difficult. When I wrote The Bunny Who Found Some Money, it hit me that when you are doing what you love, you never ave to work another day for the rest of your life. I feel like I have finally found my calling, and I am going to continue to write these fun little rhyming picture books for many years to come.

Looking back to when I released "The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn" and "The Dinosaur That Lost His Roar", those were some really challenging times. When you begin any journey, the unknown can really stop any progress you made and cause you to fall back on old comfortable routines. It wasn't until I pushed myself through that barrier and received an e-mail from a customer that really changed the way that I felt about pushing through. The letter read in part, "I read this story with my daughter before we go to sleep last night and she really loves the illustrations presented in this book, she really likes the story about Trixie, I couldn't get rid of laughing when she said that she wants to draw a picture of Trixie before she go to sleep." It got me thinking that the audience I am really trying to connect with are actually getting the message and connecting to the characters in these nursery rhymes for children. It was at that moment that I realized that I had a real responsibility to these little kids, and that I was going to push hard and develop fun baby animals they could all relate to.

When I came up with the idea for Blossom the bunny in "The Bunny Who Found Some Money", I wanted to develop a cute baby animal that would face a very troubling decision, and into the mix she had her friends putting added pressure on her to do what they thought was best. In this classic children's book, I decided that Blossom was going to find a large bag of money, and introduce a problem that kids of all ages are faced with. When you have a choice in front of you to do what is right or to do what feels good, which way do you go? Blossom has to listen to all her friends give her advice on where the money should be spent, when deep inside she knew all along what was the right thing to do. The right decision can often be the hardest, but it also comes with great reward!

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