Dinosaur Joke Book for Kids: 300 Super Roarsome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids

Dinosaur Joke Book for Kids: 300 Super Roarsome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids

The biggest dinosaur joke book is the perfect gift idea you can share with friends and family for hours of laughing, great for kids from ages 5 to 105! This joke book about dinosaurs is both teacher and parent approved, so that means you won't have to worry about these dinosaur jokes because they are appropriate for kids of any age. The original joke book about dinosaurs contains 300 dinosaur jokes for kids that are easy to read and full of laughs. These clean, fun, silly jokes that are teacher and parent approved will provide hours of fun and entertainment that will tickle funny bones while encouraging kids to think quickly. Silliness appropriate for children age 5 and up including young teens, as well as youthful adults! All of the pages of this silly joke book are packed with illustrations of funny dinosaurs telling silly jokes, and that seems to go on and on and on like no other book on the market.

These jokes are intended to help young kids develop their sense of humor, excellent for early and beginning readers to subtly educate them in an engaging manner. Talk about going above and beyond, unlike other dinosaur joke books that have other animals within the pages, here you are going to find nothing but 100 pages of dinosaur jokes that will never go extinct! The messages I receive each month appear to be from my growing audience who have grown up with rhyming animal books, and now want to read more silliness at a more challenging level.

All of these dinosaur jokes have been floating around in my head and coming in from little fans around the world, and now have gone from my computer to Amazon, and back to hundreds of thousands of readers around the globe. The worlds funniest dinosaur joke book was first released during my free book promotion, and since then has exploded in downloads over the weeks. This gift idea for kids who like jokes was especially popular in France, I have not really connected with that audience before, but they quickly uploaded hundreds of the e-book in a few days, and now I have even seen sales for my other joke books like 300 Super Pawsome Dog Jokes for Kids and Cat Joke Book for Kids because of all the added excitement of the joke books now being released.

Since the release of the 300 Super Roarsome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids, my inbox is flooded each day not only with requests for the next joke book, but with jokes for those books from silly readers around the world. Little Ellie for example, became one of my biggest critics, and helped me to change the way I wrote the jokes so that they connected with the younger audience. Since the joke book about dinosaurs, I have written and released the cow joke book, dog jokes for kids, and cat jokes for kids. I am in the midst of the latest book, unicorn jokes, and it is far challenging because those type of jokes are not that common. With the help of my little army of readers, the release of the unicorn joke book will be soon, stuffed from cover to cover with jokes by me and many of my new friends around the globe.

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