Pirate Joke Book for Kids: 300 Most Treasured Pirate Jokes for Kids

Pirate Joke Book for Kids: 300 Most Treasured Pirate Jokes for Kids

The biggest pirate joke book is filled from cover to cover with only pirate jokes and is the perfect gift idea for that young budding comedian. This silly joke book is ideal for small kids, big kids, goofy grown ups, just about anyone who loves the pirate life.

Teacher and parent approved, we're yo-ho-hoing about these funny pirate jokes because they're appropriate for kids of any age. Unlike many other joke books on the market today, you are going to discover over 300 jokes about pirates, nothing less than a treasure chest of funny pirate jokes.

These salty pirate jokes are intended to help young ones to develop a sense of humor, perfect for early and beginning readers to educate them in an engaging manner. If the child is shy or having trouble making new friends, these pirate jokes help to not only break the ice, but to put the child in the center of attention and to allow them to grow accustomed to being in a crowd.

Many of these pirate jokes come from little fans around the world, I simply add a little twist to them, so they have gone from my computer to Amazon, and then back to thousands of readers around the globe. The dinosaur joke book was first released during my free book promotion, and you may see a child's name in the joke book throughout, a little nod in that joke to the child who sent me the joke and now it is in print for them to show their inner circle. You can see Unicorn Joke Book for Kids: 300 Super Sparkly Unicorn Jokes for Kids does contain many kids names in the jokes, my way to give those little ones a wink of gratitude for their help.

Since the release of Dinosaur Joke Book for Kids: 300 Super Roarsome Dinosaur Jokes for Kids, my inbox gets flooded each day with little requests. Many young readers help me to change the way I write the jokes so they connect with that audience. For example, little Elliana asked that I put a name to one of the cats in my joke book so she could show her classmates. Her teacher loved it so much, she bought the entire classroom joke books so they all had their own copy. Since the joke book about dinosaurs, I have released the cow joke book, dog jokes, cat jokes for kids, unicorn joke book, and now the pirate joke book. My fans have spoken, and pig jokes for kids is going to be the next huge hit, mostly because of the funny jokes I have been collecting for the little comedians to enjoy.

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