Increase Your Writing Production While Eliminating Any Noise in Your Work Space

Increase Your Writing Production While Eliminating Any Noise in Your Work Space
When I began my journey to writing children's books online full time, I knew it was going to be a little challenging working out of my home office, but I had no idea what I was in store for. If you work from home, then you already know that distractions are simply a part of running a home-based business successfully. What I didn't realize is that when you are a writer, the noise and distractions is ramped up a hundred times worse because you need peace and quite to get those creative juices flowing effectively. I loved the fact that I was home all the time and could see my little baby every second of her day, but I was not prepared for my writing production to take such a huge hit.

The family is well aware that I need to have things moderately quiet if I am trying to write a book, or I usually wait until they are out so I can focus without distractions. I already take the phone off the hook, turn off my cell phone, and close the windows when I need to brainstorm. What I found was noises you would never associate with distractions were interrupting my ability to produce children's picture books with regularity. Car horns honking, the neighbors cutting their grass, children playing in the pool next door, barking dogs, bigger dogs barking, and even the garbage truck picking up cans would stop my creativity in its tracks.

Within a few days of me trying to write my first rhyming picture book I need to find a solution, and that is when I found the Marpac white noise sound machine! I plugged it in and the sound of the breeze blowing took me away to a tropical paradise while I was seated in my office chair. Within minutes I didn't hear dogs barking, kids playing, or car horns honking. When the family was home, I didn't hear the television playing loudly, video games in the other room, or even the doorbell ringing. This little noise machine will increase your writing production and eliminate just about any noises and distractions that can kill your creative juices. I use mine every day now and working on my 16th nursery rhymes for children is proof how far this device has helped me move my career along.

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