Vintage Leather Journal Essential Gift for Writers and for Reaching Your Goals

Vintage Leather Journal Essential Gift for Writers and for Reaching Your Goals
If I could give writing advice to all those up-and-coming young authors out there, it would be to purchase a new leather bound journal before you ever put that pen to paper. This will be the best writer's gift that you ever gave yourself, something that will keep on giving year after year. I started my journal many years after I began my journey, and looking back on those years I still am amazed at how much I have learned along the way. The journal acts like a time capsule to show me where I have been and how far I have really come.

Don't just grab any other cheap one dollar notebook and call it a writer's journal, you want to spend a few dollars and really give yourself something you will cherish and instantly recognize as something of value when you see it sitting on your desk. This vintage leather bound journal allows me to keep all my progress with my classic children's books in one place, and I have to tell you I go back and read it almost weekly. It is fun and educational to see how I was feeling when I still writing my first kids book, and how today I am so many miles away from those days of fear, apprehension, and confusion. If you have an author in your inner circle, this journal makes an excellent authors gift they will cherish a lifetime.

If you are a writer and not using a journal, you are letting so much information just slip away that can help you to not only grow, but to keep you from making the same mistakes again and again in the future. I uses this leather bound journal that I received as a writers gift a few years ago to track my progress and inventory my ideas. If I get inspiration from a show or video, I quickly write it in the back of the journal rather than saying I will write that idea down later and forget. The journal is my most valuable resource because it shows me step by step how to write rhyming books for children, how to format them, and how to upload them. If anything happened to me, someone could pick up this writers journal and follow my journey step-by-step.

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